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Gather around my siblings, I must explain something to you all. Something of the old days that I come to expect.

While I do understand that this is not the old days, it is the goal of Listener Nimura, Speaker Violet, and myself to restrengthen the Brotherhood and regain what we had for the best of all.


We cannot do this if a mission goes unanswered for!

I am Extremely disappointed in you all! Not a single Sibling came forward to claim this assassination. Now, I must do this myself and see to it finished the way Llorek wished it done.

I put my trust in you all. This contract may not have been from the Night Mother's cold lips, but that does not mean it can be ignored.! Our contracts are important--ALL of them! We are not doing this just for the money--we are doing this for the glory of being Sithis' prized children! We have been entrusted by the Night Mother and the Dread Father to carry out these missions!!

Had this been two hundred years ago, a Purification would be called for such insolence!
Tenet 3: Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Dark Brotherhood superior.

Do not force Violet and myself to start assigning missions to you directly. I wish to see Exemplary performance on the newest mission that the Night Mother has assigned, or else there will be consequences.

Walk with Sithis and embrace Him.


EDIT: As I've spoken to sunshinely in the comments, missions are not mandatory. Unfortunately, while keeping Thurvayn in-character, his rant made it sound this way, while in reality it's not. xD; I appologize for the confusion.

Please understand that WE understand not getting in by a deadline what with school, work, family business, etc.

If ever you are confused about rules, or have suggestions on how to improve something, shoot one of the Hand a note!
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